John Legend

A-List Promotions was hired by Dan Coleman of Crowded Air Studios to book and promote a 4-Song EP of John Stephens before he became the Legend (John Legend) as we know him today. We merched his new album to local record retail locations along with placing free samples of the EP with point of purchase displays within each designated store. Posters of the EP were displayed in windows and inside various retail locations in the Philadelphia Market. We then booked and Premiered his new EP at The Pegasus Night Club in West Philadelphia and invited Music Record Executives. The rest of the story is history.

Work We've Done

Our Services for John Legend

Record Retail Placement

4-Song EP samplers were placed at designated Philadelphia Market Record Retail locations.

StoreFront Window Displays

Posters of the new 4-song EP were placed in window storefronts of local record retail publicizing the new release in Philadelphia and surrounding markets.

Event Booking

Record release party booking at the Pegasus Nightclub located in University City where the new 4-song EP was being marketed to Record Industry labels and A&R executives along with other industry guests were invited to hear John play live.